August 2013

Well I am plugging along at therapy. I have about half of my arm functions back but not entirely without some aches and pains. The doctor would like me to stay in therapy for another 8 weeks. Ugh. I might make 6 more but after that I am going to wing it. Been sewing but only small things. Purses and purse inserts. Productive at least. I’m trying to finish Christmas gifts early in case I get some last minute requests for profit. I’m hoping. I have to finish the binding on my set of twin quilts but they are too heavy for me to handle right now and I want to start a new queen quilt for my bed at Mt Dora. It’s not the sewing that will bother me, it’s the cutting out. The cutting of the strips and squares take a lot of arm action and I do not have enough stamina in my arm right now. Hopefully in an other month..


I started quilting after a 36 year career in sales. I have been sewing all my life but never attempted quilting or anything that even resembled a quilt. I now make quilts, crafts, like purses that require quilting and lots of home goods that are also quilted.

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