June 2014

20140428_202945000_iOSWow, I can’t believe where the time goes.  It is June already.  I must admit I do have a little excuse for last month.  My son got married and I was tied up doing embroidery on handkerchiefs and making a special ring bearer pillow.  Although that was not too time consuming, I was involved in coordinating a bunch of family travel plans.  I did manage to finish one quilt top and several purses.  Pictures to follow in a bit.

Now that June is here, my husband has other plans for me besides blogging and sewing.  When he closed his Contactor’s equipment store 5 years ago, he put the balance of product into storage with the intention of selling it off within a year.  Yea right, the government and the economic conditions had a lot to say about that.  So now we are in the process of liquidating all that stuff.  Whew, in the heat of Florida summer at 95 degrees and 100% humidity.  It’s almost seems impossible that I have any energy left but I am forcing myself to do this as I have been way to slack.

Hopefully by the end of the month, things will be back to some kind of normalcy.  Then I will be visited by my favorite daughter, son-in-law and grandkids for a week.  Yea!  I know all quilting will be put on hold because my granddaughter will be at the fabric store picking out colorful fabric for her next dress that I MUST make!!  She is after all 6 years big! And worth every dress I have made her.

Well that’s it for now. will post a few pictures. Until July…..

Granny Square Quilt

Granny Square Quilt


I started quilting after a 36 year career in sales. I have been sewing all my life but never attempted quilting or anything that even resembled a quilt. I now make quilts, crafts, like purses that require quilting and lots of home goods that are also quilted.

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